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Starting a cake business from home

It is not impossible to handle a small business on your own but if you plan to go bigger and better, it would be wise to have someone to work with or hire people to help you out. This will ease your job more and allow more to be accomplished at a quicker pace. Without help, if the time came where you had several orders and would only be working by yourself, you would be putting in so much effort that you might eventually be overworked or in worst circumstances, unable to fulfil orders.

Of course you may always give them a date on when you are available to accept further orders if your hands are full but take note that every customer counts and if they are able to purchase or have a cake made by you they most likely can suggest the same to be done for their friends or other people. When people plan on ordering cakes from you they will either head to you to talk in person or over the phone.

Are You Thinking of Starting a Cake Business?

It is important you can explain to them what you can do if they contact you over the phone that way they set a date to consult you. Make sure that you have prepared samples for them to see visually and samples if necessary. Of course you will need to be paid for making the cake but you also want to avoid making a fool of yourself later on when an order is placed and later on canceled or not picked up.

40 important questions to ask a wedding cake designer

Always require a percentage to be paid as a deposit or better, have the cake paid for in full. This will not only ensure you have been paid but will also supply you with funds for the ingredients you need. You will need to make profit and since wedding cakes can be very elegant and hard work, try to figure out a price that covers up for the time you spend as well as the ingredients you had to acquire in order to bake and design it. Make sure you are ready for production and that you can take orders when people avail for your cakes. Once an order is placed, make sure you have prepared everything in order to fulfil the said order on time that way you have a happy customer and earn properly for the cake you have made for them.

In order to have a good production flow, make sure everything is prepared early on such as the baking equipment which should always be clean and ready to use, the ingredients for baking the cake and everything else from designing to boxing the cake for release. Your sales are important and will keep the business going. Make sure that you accept as many orders as you can as long as you can fulfil them since the more cakes you sell means the more profit that you earn. Make sure to maintain your business well which is important for it to strive and continue being a successful business in the future.

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Be sure to check the equipment you use for damage or other issue, log the orders fulfilled and keep track of the progress the business is making, make sure the work area is always clean and ready for use and check that you have enough ingredients for any other orders that you have received. Once you have earned a good share of money, it might be time to upgrade your business such as setting up a shop if you still work at home, improve a shop if you currently have one and buy better equipment that can improve the flow of your business.

It is good to upgrade your business in order to not only have an easier time but this makes everything better all in all and who knows eventually your cakes will become popular and iconic.

Are You Really Ready to Start Your Own Cake Business?

So you are ready to accept orders and make wedding cakes for customers but wait, how are you going to get customers? If you tell people about your business this allows you to expand the awareness by every person you tell. Later on this becomes a chain reaction until majority of the people around you know about it. Nowadays most people advertise online but there is nothing wrong with putting up a flyer or tarpaulin for someone to notice your business. If you intend on creating flyers or tarpaulins, makes sure you have a creative design as well as actual picture of your cakes.

You want a good honest business because people are trusting you to make a cake for them which is food which can affect their health if they consume it if it is not clean or properly made.

Start a Wedding Cake Business

It may seem like it is not a big deal but it actually is. There is also the option of advertising online which is very useful as you can set up different social media accounts if you prefer in order to set up the business page or post things regarding your business.

Here you can show your products, your offers what you can do and much more. Being creative is the key when advertising online. You want to get their attention with a picture or a post and later on bring them in with a nice catalogue of your product, online brochure showing the cakes you can make and more. Other alternatives can be specialised digital marketing businesses which help wedding related brands to advertise.

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I have tried all 5 of your strategies in the past and none of them have worked. What does work first of all is creating the type of portfolio that you wish your business could be. If that means creating discounts or dummy cakes to do so, then do it. Next is identifying your target bride and where and how she shops. For me I prefer an intelligent, high standards, age , who loves to do their own research.

Places like Yelp are ideal to reaching these types of clients, not lazy wedding sites or bridal shows that take your money and run very poor return on investments. Google adwords can work too, and make sure to drive your social networking like Facebook and Instagram pictures are their highest impact posts. Final piece of advice is stay away from cupcakes. It is like comparing hamburgers to steak.

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