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Your children will have plenty of fun. However, the protagonists of the saga of the archaeologist will not take care only of dinosaurs. Joe is an explorer, he likes to dig, find hidden objects; his wife, Bonnie, is a paleontologist and soon, there will be other characters and new adventures, looking for other mysterious objects. Reviews Review Policy.

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Thanks to all the children who play with the MagisterApp dinosaurs, welcome to an amazing update: - The dinosaurs now come alive, and you can play with them and feed them - Discover the new descriptions of dinosaurs, with entertaining video and audio material in 9 languages. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Dinosaurs for kids : Archaeologist - Jurassic Life. MagisterApp - Educational Games for kids. Kids Games for year old. Let your kids discover the dinosaurs. Savanna - Puzzles and Coloring Games for Kids.

Toddlers can learn and have fun with the shapes and colors of the animals. See more. Amaya Kids - learning games for years old LLC. Play funny and easy games with new dinosaurs! Designed for kids ages We just use a few of my son's small dinosaurs to make it easier. Love the game and would highly suggest it. My daughter loves Jurassic Park and this toy was perfect.

Cute interaction when you pet it and small enough she can take with us in the car or going to stores so she loves that.

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So far no issues with battery, but we do turn the switch off when not in use to save battery life. Exactly as shown and packaged nicely. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Four year old likes the game, it is a cute concept and different that other games.

T-Rex Game - Chrome Dino Runner Online

I wish the spinner was separate because unless you are being careful as four year olds aren't known for spinning knocks the wave around which you then have to fix each turn which is somewhat annoying. All in all not a bad game for the cost. Better quality than I expected for a game based on a movie. Bought this for my 7 year old nephew, for Christmas.

It entertained him for hours, but there were no directions, diagrams, etc. He took things apart that we didn't necessarily think should come apart, but he got them back together! He was disappointed that you couldn't interchange the legs on different the different bodies. But, as I said, it entertained him for hours, even days. Only 4 left in stock - order soon.

A fun puzzle game that will have you "digging" for bones to be the first to assemble your dinosaur. Great game for kids ages 4 and up! Dinosaur Island.

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  • This game is awesome! Your competing to have the best dinosaur theme park.

    Google Chrome's 'No Internet' Dinosaur Gets a Birthday Party Hat for Turning Ten

    I mean who wouldn't want to see dinosaurs at a theme park. This game has A LOT of choices to make in order to expand your park, get bigger and better dinosaurs, and increase security- we can't let those dinosaurs get loose. If you don't have enough security those dinosaurs will eat your guests! This game is just brilliant, with an incredible 90's theme behind it. The colors are bright and obnoxious- in the best way possible. Love the color scheme. This game is fairly easy to learn. The rulebook is really well done. Definitely a must have for any dinosaur, or theme park loving individual.

    Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I bought this game for my four year son who is a dinosaur nut! He loves this game! You roll the colored dice then have to lift the leaf and use the tweezers to pick out the matching color egg.

    Dinosaurs THE GAME! - The Isle

    Very easy for my son to understand. After several turns the dinosaur randomly snaps down when the leaf is lifted. I didn't put any batteries because I couldn't take one more dinosaur roaring in my house we have dozens and I swear I hear them in my sleep so I can't comment on the sound quality. My only complaint is that the leaf doesn't lift very high so it makes it a little difficult to grasp the egg with the tweezers.

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    • The tweezers are easy to use which is also great to help my son with his fine motor skills development there's just not enough room to twist them to Dinosaur Tea Party Board Game. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. I read about this game when it was about to be release and pre-ordered it. I didn't know anything about the original "Whosit" game, so that had no impact on my buying decision.

      What drew me to this game was that it played kinda like Guess Who, which my kids love, but allowed more players and appeared to have excellent design.