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It was like picking up the perfect, customized straight from a production line.

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Both methods were helpful in deploying packaged functionality to SharePoint. The difference between the two file formats was that Microsoft was moving towards a solution framework for SharePoint where were kept within a Site Collection gallery rather than in a Farm gallery. But there was a caveat to this templating approach. SharePoint Site Collection required the Publishing site feature to remain deactivated. I like to think of them as an alternative to provisioning site artifacts to Modern SharePoint sites.

Site Designsare a template of sorts. A Site Design is created in PowerShell format.

SharePoint – Page 7 – Keith Tuomi – Office & SharePoint Consultant

It can store multiple Site Scripts that contain sets of configuration actions. Actions or sub actions can involve operations such as creating lists, creating libraries, creating content types, creating columns, calling a flow, joining site to a hub site, and granting users to a security role. They can be selected and applied to a site by a Site Owner. You can review examples and combine them to create your own Site Script.

Creating a Site Design and Site Script can be a bit complex as it requires some upfront time to determine what configurable actions you want to perform. If your requirements are complex, you can use Microsoft Flow to expand the capabilities of Site Designs and Site Scripts. You can learn more about the syntax on how to apply these actions to your Site Script, by reading the JSON schema reference.

In my example, this Site Script will contain the following actions and for my use case scenario will be applicable for new sites created for the Information Services department. Users can create a new site by clicking Create Site and then selecting the right design. Users can also apply the newly built site design to an existing site.

Webtrends offers capabilities that can help an organization monitor and track the activities of employees, partners and customers. And this is exactly what SharePoint will need. So you can report not just on collaboration activities related to documents and other content, but also community activities. It works by placing a JavaScript tag on the pages you want to track.

Webtrends for SharePoint , Document Activity. Webtrends for SharePoint uses Webtrends Analytics 8. It is important to point out that Webtrends recommends this solution for intranet based SharePoint environments that use the standard master templates and themes. It's likely that more configuration or customization of the solution may be required for other uses or if SharePoint has been heavily customized. Webtrends did offer integration with SharePoint It also works by placing JavaScript on the pages and tracks much of the activity.

Outline the necessary functions to deploy and govern. Figure out what you need at the enterprise, organizational, and site level. Put a process in place like OARP to help the decision-making process.

Putting Sharepoint to Work

Outline your taxonomy, communicate it, and iterate. The point here is to get started. Consider the following: Have a plan.

Listen to the experts, comb through the relevant articles, consider those best practices, and develop a plan based on your organizational and project needs. Understand any regulatory or compliance concerns. Do you need to maintain audit trails? These items would fall into the scoping and sizing of your project during the planning phase.

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Be aware of how your metadata, content types, and social media components are to be managed. What is the actual process involved with managing these things?

A High Performance Data Connector for Documentum

Who owns it? What is the change process? Are you going to try and maintain SLAs? This might be overkill for small businesses, but is critical for larger businesses. A major impact to end user adoption is a long turn-around time for system changes. Some of these activities are simplified within SharePoint through Managed Metadata Service and Enterprise Term Stores, which allow you to create top-level taxonomy for your entire organization, with sites consuming this taxonomy as a service.

Finding out the Web Analytics API in SharePoint 2010