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The technical department enthusiastically hired Ms.

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Long because she was proficient in the use of computers. Even under tremendous public pressure, the planning committee would not commit itself wholeheartedly to the proposal and gave only tentative approval to the waterfront development plan. The preacher used a euphemism for an unpleasant subject. Since the townspeople were so dissatisfied, various methods to alleviate the situation were debated.

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That perfume always evokes pleasant memories. The attorney wanted to expedite the process because her client was becoming impatient. The suspect gave a plausible explanation for his presence at the scene, so the police decided to look elsewhere for the perpetrator of the crime. He based his conclusion on what he inferred from the evidence, not on what he actually observed. The neighborhood-watch group presented its ultimatum at the town board meeting: Repave the streets or prepare for protests. The editor of the newspaper needed to be sure the article present- ed the right information, so his review was meticulous.

The doctors were pleased that their theory had been fortified by the new research. The captain often delegated responsibility to his subordinates, so as to have time to do the important tasks himself. The news about toxic waste dumping aroused the anger of many viewers of the news broadcast.

The athlete was adroit at handling the ball. The new shipping and receiving building is an expansive facility, large enough to meet our growing needs.

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The attorneys were now certain they could not win the case, be- cause the ruling had proved to be so detrimental to their argument. My brother drives us crazy by crooning in the shower. Mark seems very pensive today. The air in the rainforest was humid, making the heat seem even more smothering than before. The balloon, loose from its string, rose up into the sky, a shiny purple sphere.

Please say something that will edify the audience. The volcano lies dormant now, but we feel sure that it will erupt again within the year.

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I relinquished my place in line to go back and talk with my friend Diane. The thief jostled me in a crowd and was thus able to pick my pocket. While we traveled in Italy, we stayed in an inexpensive hostel. My friend asked me to lie for her, but that is against my philosophy. Rhesus monkeys use facial expressions to communicate with each other and to enforce social order. What is the meaning of the underlined word grimace as it is used in the passage? Which pair of words, if inserted into the blanks in sequence, makes the most sense in the context of the passage? A fewexamples:change, alter happy, cheerfulcuddle, caress overweight, obesecombine, unite talkative, chatty In prolonged space flight, besides the obvious hazards of meteors, rocky debris, and radiation, astronauts will have to deal with muscle atrophy brought on by weightlessness; therefore, when they return to Earth, they face a protracted period of weight training to rebuild their strength.

What is the most likely meaning of the underlined word debris as it is used in this passage?

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The underlined word atrophy, as used in the paragraph, most nearly means a. Question 56 is based on the following paragraph. Most of the women in the orchestra wore conventional black skirts and white shirts during concerts and had their hair neatly pulled back. Robin, with her brightly colored clothing and unusual hair- styles, was considered quite eccentric. What is the meaning of the underlined word eccentric as it is used in the sentence? She may have meant well, but her usually caustic tone offended almost everybody. She has become a consistent nuisance at work, and probably should be fired.

The underlined word caustic, as used in this passage, most nearly means a. What is the meaning of the underlined word contention as it is used in this passage? The designer window treatments may also be unnecessary, point- less, or even worthless. However, the key to the meaning is the context—that is, the phrase installed 17 years ago.

It is related to the word cover; something covert is covered from view. The key here is the words willful young man. The key here is the word trivialized. The keys here are the words usually described as flamboyant and but. The keys here are the words outlandish excuses and insincere employees. The other choices do not imply a hard and fast rule.

To be diligent is to be painstaking or thorough. To be ambiguous is to be vague or unclear. Something that is animated is energetic or lively. The person speaking experienced the thrill of the high dive through the efforts of the person on the diving board. Although choice c, consider, is not out of the question, since officials are responding to several fires that have already occurred, it is more likely that they will do something more pronounced and defini- tive than just considering the existing rules. To be inundated is to be overwhelmed or flooded. It is used to describe the crucial point, the central issue.

When one is incredulous, one is skeptical or disbelieving. To alleviate something is to make it more bearable or to ease it. To evoke means to call forth. To expedite a process is to hurry it up or accelerate it. If something is plausible, it is believable or credible. To infer something is to surmise it or deduce it from the evidence. To be meticulous is to be extremely careful or painstaking. To be apathetic is to show little or no interest or to be indifferent. To delegate a task is to assign it or to appoint another to do it.

To arouse someone is to stir up or provoke that person. It is the opposite of clumsy. If something is expansive, it is broad, open, or spacious. Crooning and bellowing both mean singing. To be pensive means to be deep in thought. Humid and damp both mean the same thing in this context. A sphere is a globular globe object. To decontaminate and to purify both mean to remove impurities. To be banished and to be exiled both mean to be forced to leave.

Yielded and relinquished both mean given up. To be jostled is to be bumped. A hostel and an inn are both lodging places for travelers. Philosophy means a system of motivating principles. This implies there is something hidden or secret. The other choices are unrelated to not knowing who the speaker would be. The other choices make no sense in this context.

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The woman was asked to make things right with her neighbor, to correct or rectify the situation. Neither a wrinkle nor a simper match the descriptive word ferocious. A shriek would be described in terms of sound, rather than looks. Choice b does convey a sense of hierarchy, but in the wrong order. Because Robin does things differently, she would be considered unconventional. The other choices, although she may be joyful, unreliable, and proud, have nothing to do with the context of this sentence, which is directly addressing her appear- ance as it compares to the other women in the orchestra.

The word exasperated means that the author has reached the limit of his patience. Something that is caustic is acidic—it burns or bites. Look at those words and try to figure out how they are connected toone another. For example, what is the connection between the words fishand scales? A good example of this would bebird and feathers. The similarity between these two unrelated pairs of wordsis an analogy. The best way to approach an analogy question is to make upa sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words andfind another pair in the choices that would fit into that same sentence.

Leveled books are available in a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction genres and strengthen connections in literacy and content-area instruction. Leveled books are used in guided reading, or leveled reading, small-group instruction. This approach recognizes that a wide range of reading ability exists within any grade level or age group. Students are placed in similar-ability groups and given developmentally appropriate books to read. Some leveled books are also supported by fluency practice passages , reader's theater scripts , a writer's response activity, a literature circle journal , or might be part of a paired book set or other collection.

Reading A-Z leveled books come in an array of options to meet independent, small-group, and whole-class objectives. Printable Books for use in class or to send home for practice can be printed in color, black and white, and as single-sided or double-sided. Projectable Books integrate technology and reading curriculum. ALL books are available in this format for digital projectors and interactive whiteboards. Projectable Book Tips show educators various ways to meet literacy goals for fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and more.

Multilevel Books support mixed-level classes by providing the same book at different levels. Group students according to skill level, but introduce comprehension skills and reading strategies to the whole class. Pocketbooks fit in a pocket—the perfect size for students to take home for additional reading practice or to make notes or reinforce grammar skills.

Wordless books allow students to use imagination to tell their own story with a book's illustrations or support retelling of the original text at Levels aa-J. The Wordless Book Lesson provides suggested skills and strategies. Each guided reading session, which takes from 15 to 25 minutes, begins with introducing a book, eliciting prior knowledge, and building background.

The teacher monitors and guides each student's reading as needed. Discussion follows, and each student keeps the book to read repeatedly. Subsequent lessons at the lower levels usually use an entirely new book. Lessons, worksheets, discussion cards, and comprehension Quick Check quizzes support and guide instruction for leveled books in English. Worksheets, discussion cards, and comprehension quizzes specific to each language also accompany many books in Spanish , French , and British English.

Up to four worksheets on comprehension and other literacy skills support each lesson. One worksheet is often a graphic organizer designed to engage students in the reading process.

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  • These plans are in addition to the regular guided reading lessons that accompany each book. The Common Core Supplements are designed to support teachers as they implement some of the more important shifts identified in the Common Core State Standards, such as: academic vocabulary, text-dependent questions, and a constructed response to reading based on a key question. Text-dependent questions require students to cite evidence from the text and are constructed at three levels of analysis:. Quick Checks for Assessing Leveled Book Comprehension Comprehension Quizzes are a fast, easy way to assess how well students comprehend their reading and are great resources for text-dependent questions.

    Multiple-choice questions encompass a range of cognitive rigor and depth of knowledge. Quizzes at Level C and above also include at least one extended response, or essay, question, that require students to answer in writing an open-ended question using sound reasoning. The questions encourage critical and inferential thinking and allow teachers to measure skills that are difficult to assess with multiple-choice questions. Please add your address to your account prior to checkout. Rewards Program Join Now. Earn Rewards. Log In. Subjects Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension shop all.

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