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by William Wynn Westcott

There are only two Jewish laws, the written law of Moses, and the oral law of the Kabalah. Every Jew who goes from the Synagogue to his house on the eve of the Sabbath is accompanied by two angels, one good and one bad, and if the house is all in order the good angel confirms a blessing, but if it be in disorder the good angel has to say Amen to the condemnation spoken by the evil angel.

Many persons nowadays beheve that birth names somehow affect their owners, as names given are prophetic of the nature and fate of the person. Speech may be worth one Selah a Jewish coin , but silence is worth Two. Which things point a moral as well as adorn a tale. Given two dry firebrands of wood and one of green, the dry will destroy the green. Two dogs once killed-ar Hon, so the minority must at last always give way to a majority.

The Talmud argues that Adam had two faces ; some say one before and one behind, while others say one looked to right and one to the left. Others say that Adam was both a male and a female. Others say that Eve was made from his thirteenth rib, and was not drawn out from his head, lest she should be vain ; not from his eyes, lest she should be wanton ; not from his mouth, lest she should talk too much ; not from his ears, lest she should be an eavesdropper ; not from his feet, lest she should be a gadabout ; and not from his heart, lest she should be jealous : yet in spite of all these precautions woman has developed all these faults.

Of two who quarrel, he or she who first gives in shows the noblest nature. Two negatives or affirmatives are as good as an oath. Shevuoth, The Twos of the Two Testaments are two Tables of the Law ; the Disciples were sent out two and two ; two disciples were sent by Jesus to fetch the ass's colt ; two to make ready the Passover ; two disciples buried Jesus ; Caleb and Joshua were the two spies ; two angels rescued 40 Lot; there were two witnesses of the Resurrection, and two of the Ascension.

The Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine speaks of Two Witnesses, two oHve trees and two candlesticks. If a dream was dreamed two times it foretold a truth ; as in Genesis xli. The animal kingdom shows all sexual generation to arise from pairs of contrasted beings, the male and female ; the microscope now discovers to us the spermatozoon and the ovum, but the truth was known of old to philosophers of India, Egypt and the Gnostics, in whose lore we find human generation to spring from the Serpent and the Egg.

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Photius observes that the Triad is the first odd number in energy, is the first perfect number, and is a middle and analogy. The Pythagoreans referred it to Physiology; it is the cause of all that has the triple dimension. It is also the cause of good counsel, intelligence, and knowledge, and is a Mistress of Music, mistress also of Geometry, possesses authority in whatever pertains to Astronomy and the nature and knowledge of the heavenly bodies, connects and leads them into effects.

Every virtue also is suspended from it, and proceeds from it. In Mythology it is referred by Nicomachus to : I. Saturn, Time, past, present, and future. The Horn of Amalthea, the nurse of Jupiter. Poly- hymnia, among the Muses. Number being more increased by multiplication than it is by addition, the number 3 is, properly speaking, the first number, as neither the Dyad nor Monad are so increased. It is a '' Middle and Analogy,'' because all comparisons consist of three terms, at least ; and analogies were called by the ancients ''middles. With regard to the Heavenly bodies, the number Three is important ; there are 3 quaternions of the celestial signs, the fixed, the movable, and the common.

In every Zodiacal sign also there are 3 faces, and 3 42 decans, and 3 Lords of their TripHcity; and among the planets there are 3 Fortunes and 3 Infortunes; according to the Chaldeans also, there are 3 Ethereal words prior to the sphere of our Fixed Stars.

On account of the perfection of the Triad, oracles were delivered from a Tripod, as is related of the Oracle at Delphi. With regard to Music, 3 is said to be Mistress, because Harmony contains 3 symphonies, the Diapason, the Diapente, and the Diatessaron. Ezekiel xiv. Note the Hindoo Trinity of Brahma, who consists of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva; Creator, Preserver, and Changer : in India each has still a special sect of wor- shippers, who mark themselves with particular emblems; the Vaishnavas are much the most numerous.

Three Fates : Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos. Pluto's dog Cerberus had 3 heads. See Purchas, " The Pilgrimage," A letter Yod within an equilateral triangle was a symbol of the ineffable name Jehovah and was so used by the Jews. The moderns have pointed out that this form suggests the idea that they knew something of a Triune God. Other monograms of Jehovah were also triple; thus 3 rays, and the Shin, and three yods in a triangle. Note also 3 stones of the arch, 3 Principals and 3 Sojourners ; 3 Veils ; and in the Craft Lodges, 3 officers, 3 degrees, 3 peram- bulations. In the Roman Cultus, the number 3 is of constant occurrence, as for example see Virgil, Eclogue 8, The Pharmaceutria ; the priests used a cord of 3 coloured strands, and an image was carried 3 times round an altar.

It is not necessary here to enlarge upon the transcendent importance of the Christian Trinity. In old paintings we often see a Trinity of Jesus with John and Mary. Indeed it is impossible to study any single system of worship throughout the world, without being struck by the peculiar persistence of the triple number in regard to divinity ; whether as a group of deities, a triformed or 3- headed god, a Mysterious Triunity, a deity of 3 powers, or a family relationship of 3 Persons, such as the Father, Mother and Son of the Egyptians, Osiris, Isis and Horus.

And again in the various faiths we see the chief Dignity 44 given in turn to each person of the Triad : some rejoice in the patriarchal Unity, some in the greater glory of the Son, and others again lavish all their adoration on the Great Mother; even in trinities of coequal males, each has his own special worshippers ; note this especially among the Hindoos, where for example the followers of Vishnu are called Vaishnavas : to complicate matters too, in this case each deity has his female potency or sakti, and these also have their own adherents.

Under this notice of the Triad we may refer to the em- blem of the Isle of Man, three legs united at the hips ; this is supposed to have been derived from Sicilian Mariners at an early date, for the same emblem is found at Palermo in Sicily, and this design is there to be seen on an old public building.

Sicily was anciently named Trinacria, from its three promontories. Three is a notable number in the mythology of the Norseman : the great Ash-tree Yggdrasil supported the world; it had three roots ; one extended into Asgard, the abode of the Gods ; one into Jotenheim, the home of the Giants, and the third into Nifleheim, the region of the Unknown. The three Norns Fates attend to the root in Asgard : they were Urda — the past ; Verdandi — the present ; and Skulda — the future.

The Talmuds are crowded with quaint conceits concern- ing the Triad, and many are very curious. The ancient Hebrews said there are three night watches, in the first the ass brays, in the second the dog barks, in the third the mother suckles her infant and converses with her husband. He who three times daily repeats the th Psalm is sure of future happiness. In three sorts of dreams there is truth ; the last dream of the morning, the dream which is also dreamed by a neigh- bour, and a dream twice repeated. He who is born on the Third day of the week will be rich and amorous. Three despise their fellows ; cgoks, fortune-tellers and dogs.

Three love their fellows ; proselytes, slaves and ravens. Three persons live a life which is no life ; he who lives at another man's table, he who is ruled by his wife, and he. Orthodox Jews were very particular about the cuttings from the nails ; a pious man buries them, an orderly man burns them, but he who throws them away is wicked ; for if a woman step over them, mischance may follow. Moed Katon, 1 8. The nails should be trimmed on a Friday and never on a Thursday. Taanith, 2 ; I and 2. The Jewish butcher of Kosher meat must use three knives ; one to slaughter the animal, another to cut it up, and a third to remove the suet which was unlawful food ; as pork is.

Three acolytes must attend the High Priest when he went in to worship ; one at his right, one at his left, and one had to hold up the gems on the train of his vestment. There are three parts of a man. The Sanhedrim could order as a punishment three degrees of Excommunication — separation for an undefined time, exclusion for 60 days, and execration for 30 days. Moed Katon, The name of Adam is of three letters. Nishmath Chajim, Yalkut Reuben, 9. The Soul of Rahab passed to Heber the Kenite.

The Soul of Jael passed to Eli. Some Souls of pious Jews pass into the persons of the Gentiles, so that they shall plead for Israel. Some evil Hebrew souls have passed into animals, as that of Ishmael into the she-ass of Balaam, and later into the ass of Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair. The Soul of a slanderer may be transmigrated into a stone, so as to become silent ; and the Soul of a murderer into water.

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Emeh Hemelech, There are three causes of dropsy, depending on diseases of the breast, the liver and the kidneys. There are three forms of coma, that is insensibility; due to brain injury, brain disease and brain poisoning. There are three modes of death, beginning either at the brain, the lungs or the heart. Bichat, Physiologie. One Zodiacal Sign, that of Scorpio, has three emblems ; the eagle in the highest symbolism, the snake, and the scorpion in evil aspects only.

Astrologic Natal Figures are often erroneous by reason of the alleged moment of birth being incorrect : there are three modes qf Rectification, two are ancient, the Animodar of Ptolemy and the Trutine of Hermes ; and there is one modern method, the Natal Epoch of W. In both the Old and the New Testaments we find the Day was divided into three day watches and four night watches. There is also another scheme in which the planets are related to a six-hour period by Ragon and Blavatsky. Three Lokas, Swarga, Bhumi and Patala ; heaven, earth and hell.

The three Fires being the three aspects of the human soul, Atma, Buddhi and Manas. There were three prongs of the trident, and three eyes in the forehead of Siva. Note also the 3-syllabled Holy Word Aum. At the Oblation of the Elements in the Celtic Church, 3 drops of Wine and 3 drops of water were poured into the chalice. In the present Christian Church we notice 3 crossings with water at Baptism, 3 Creeds ; the Banns of Marriage are published 3 times ; and a Bishop in benedic- tion makes the sign ot the Cross 3 times. In civil life the usher of a court 3 times repeats the warning Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, which word means " hear " or "listen.

The great Confucius wrote a supplement to it. This book is a mystical work on Symbolism referring to Cosmogony, to Man, and to the purposes of life. The initial symbols are the Yang, male, and the Yin, female. Some say that one Fo-Hi invented these symbols. A later Mystic expanded the system into 64 figures, each composed of 6 lines of whole and half lines. With these were associated two diagrams formed of circles, named the " River Horse," and the " Writing of i 48 Lo " : these will repay the contemplation of modern occultists. Yang, male, is also associated with Heaven, the Sun, Light and 25 the total of the odd units.

Yin, female, with the Moon, the Earth, darkness and the number 30, the total of the even numbers to ten. Shaw calls attention to the number 3J as being of mystical importance, as the half of seven, typifying present suffering as compared with future joy. Antiochus Epiphanes persecuted the church 3 J years. Forty-two months, or 3 J years, are symbolical of times of trouble. Jesus preached 3I years. In the Revelations, the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, suffers days in the wilderness, being a time, times, and a half, Rev.

Again the Holy City is said to be trodden under foot forty-two months, or 3I years. The two witnesses testify 3I years, and their dead bodies remain unburied 3 J days : so also the scattering of the holy people as mentioned in Daniel xii. It is Mercury, Vulcan, and Bacchus. Among the Muses, Urania. They also called it Feminine, effective of Virility, and an Exciter of Bacchic fury.

In harmony, it was said to form by the quadruple ratio the symphony dis-diapason. They called it Justice, as the first evenly even number. In Sanchoniathon we find the Deity called Ievo. Attention should be paid to the Sanscrit holy phrase. Theon of Smyrna, in the edition of Ismael Bullialdo, , page , says, "The Tetractys was not only principally honoured by the Pythagoreans because all symphonies exist within it, but also because it appears to contain the nature of all things,'' hence their oath, " Not by him who delivered to our souls the Tetractys " that is Pythagoras , this tetractys is seen in the composition of the first numbers I.

But the 2nd Tetractys arises from the increase by mul- tiplication of odd and even numbers beginning from the Monad. The 3rd subsists according to Magnitude. The 6th of Vegetative Life, Seed-Monad or point; if it increase in length — dyad-line ; in breadth — triad-superficies ; in thickness — tetrad-solid. The 9th is of the parts of the Animal, the Rational, Irascible and Epithymetic soul, and the Body they live in. The loth Tetractys is of the Seasons of the Year, spring, summer, autumn, winter. The nth Tetractys is of the Ages of Man, the infant, the lad, the man, and the senex.

And all are proportional one to another, and hence they said " all things are assimilated to number. The celebrated 4 Causes of Aristotle may be mentioned here: Divinity as the cause — by which ; or vtt' ov up ou. Matter — from which ; or ci ov ex ou. Form — through which ; or Si ov di ou. Effect with reference to which ; or Trpo? The Dead also are called 4 times Blessed ; and the Living but thrice blessed. The number 4 being the completion of the quaternary group of point, line, superficies and body, has also this character that its elements i, 2, 3, and 4 when summed up are equal to 10, which is so perfect that we can go no further, but to increase we must return to the Monad.

Four is the number of the moons or satellites of Jupiter and Uranus. Four White— Skin, white of the eyes, teeth, legs. S3 lips, cheeks. The existence of Elementals, scoffed at by modern educa- tion, is really suggested in a large number of places in both Old and New Testaments, the inspired volume of the Christians : examine, for example.

Judges ix. Again, read hymn in Hymns Ancient and Modern, a most orthodox volume. How the troops of Midian compass thee around? Note the earth was formed on the 4th day, according to the allegory found in the Jewish '' Genesis," and is the 4th world in a chain of spheres, say the Hindoos. The figure of 4, as Ragon remarks, is the upright man, carrying the triangle or Divinity, a type of the Trinity of Godhead. Note 4 elements, 4 sides of a square and 4 angles ; 4 qualities, cold, hot, dry, damp, 4 humours ; 4 seasons of the year ; 4 quarters of the horizon ; 4 Rivers of Eden ; Euphrates, Gihon, Hiddekel and Pison ; 4 Rivers of the Infernal Regions according to the Greeks , Phlegethon, Cocytus, Styx and Acheron ; 4 elements of Metaphysics ; Being, essence, virtue, action.

One of the abstruse dogmas of the Kabalah concerns the Four Worlds of Emanation ; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah ; these are not worlds in any ordinary sense, but rather planes of development and existence, the former the most diaphanous and exalted, the others becoming more and more concrete and manifest ; the ten Sephiroth exist on each plane, those of the higher planes being more sublime than those of the lowest ; each world has a secret name and number.

Man displays 4 evil tendencies, one in opposition to each of these 4 Worlds; an evil inchnation, evil thoughts, evil words, and evil actions. Isaac Myer. The Talmud lays down the law as to a woman's drinking, saying one cup of wine is good for her, two do her harm, three demoralize her, and the fourth converts her into a female animal. There are 4 persons who are little better than dead ; the blind, the leper, the pauper and he who has no sons. There are 4 sorts of passionate men ; he who is easily provoked and is as easily pacified, he loses more than he gains; he who is not readily provoked and is difficult to appease, he gains more than he loses ; the pious man, who is not easily provoked but is easily pacified ; and he who is easily provoked and is with difficulty appeased, he is a wicked man.

There are 4 sorts of pupils in occult science; he who learns and then will not teach ; he who wants to teach and does not learn ; he who learns and then teaches ; and lastly, he who listens and won't learn and can't teach. Four persons should offer up thank offerings; he who returns safe from a sea voyage, he who has safely crossed a desert, he who has recovered from an illness, and he who is released from prison.

These are referred to in Psalm cvii. Four men have died from original sin, the work of the Serpent, for they themselves did no ill ; Benjamin, Amram the father of Moses, Jesse the father of David, and Chilah the son of David. At the end of the Passion Fast every Hebrew should drink 4 glasses of wine, even if the price robs him of other necessaries. The Talmud says that only 4 men had entered Paradise Pardes, the Garden of Holiness ; this meant the state of supernal communion with God, the Beatific Vision, by pro- found abstraction of mind.

The Jewish Sanhedrin had power to order 4 sorts of death penalty; by stoning, beheading, burning and stranghng. The Sanhedrin as a Court of Justice ceased with the Second Temple, but the Rabbis taught that if a man incurs the death penalty of either form he still dies in these ways fortuitously, as if he would have been executed by strang- ling, he will be found to die of drowning or some other form of suffocation. See Sanhedrin, Job had four entrances to his house, north, south, east and west j so that the poor might enter and find relief from whichever quarter they came.

Four things God repented that he had made ; man's evil passions, the Ishmaelites, the Chaldeans and the Captivity. God has made only 4 women perfect in beauty ; Sarah, Abigail, Rahab and Esther ; Eve is not included because she was not born of woman. Esther is said to have had golden coloured hair. Pirke of Rabbi Eleazar, cap. The number 4 is related to Jacob, the Lesser Light, which is the Moon. See Amos vii. In the ancient Egyptian form of burial, while the body was made into a swathed mummy, the internal organs of the 57 chest and abdomen were removed and preserved in 4 jars, often called the Canopic Jars ; they were dedicated to the 4 Genii of the Cardinal points, who were at times called the Children of Horus.

The jar of Amset, Amesheth or Mestha, the South, was man-shaped, and in it were put the stomach and large intestines ; in the jar of Hapi, or Ahephi, the North, dog-headed, were the small intestines; in the jar of Tuamutef or Toumath-path, the East, jackal-headed, were the heart and lungs, and in the jar of Khebsenuf or Kabexnuf, hawk-headed, the West, were the liver and gall bladder. These Vases appear in tombs of the i8th dynasty, and remained in use until the 26th dynasty; according to E.

The Christian Church recognises 4 great Councils, those of Nicaea in a. The Western Church recognises 4 great Doctors ; St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, and St. Gregory the Great; and the Eastern Church 4, — St. Athanasius, St. Basil, St. Gregory of Nazianzen, and St. John Chrysostom. The Chagigah of the Talmud says it were better never to have been born than to pry into the 4 sides thereof, what is above and below, before and behind it. The Ancient Legend of the Four Crowned Martyrs, who were masons, who refused to disclaim their Christian faith and refused to build an idol, has led in our own time to the consecration of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Freemasons, which has a corresponding Membership of brethren : the present author is a Past Master of this Lodge of literary Freemasons.

Cornelius Agrippa then gave the Planetary Squares, which have been many times copied in subsequent books. From a more mathe- matical point of view, they have been much studied in France by M. Bachet and M. Frenicle, M. Poignard of Brussels, and de la Hire. To the number 4 belong the several forms of the cross, Maltese, Greek, Passional, St.

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Andrew's and the Fylfot cross— the Swastika. Hermetic philosophy teaches how to view the last as composed from a magic square of 5, giving 25 squares, of which the Fylfot takes 17, referring to the Sun, Signs and Elements. It is stated in some ancient Persian works that 4 bright stars were placed as guardians at the 4 cardinal points. At the beginning of the Kali Yuga, at Crishna's death at B. Thepack of common playing cards has 4suits ; of diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades; the old Tarot or Tarocchi cards had 4 suits ; Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles ; occult science relates these to the Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh of the Tetragrammaton: the Tarot pack has also 4 Court cards, Cavalier, King, Queen and Violet or Knave; also called Knight, King, Queen and Princess by some mystics.

Also it is the " Privation of Strife," because it unites in friendship the two forms of number even and odd ; the 2 and 3. Also Justice from throwing things into the light. Also the " Unconquered " from a geometrical reason which may be found in Alexander Aphrodisiensis, Com- mentaries on the 1st Book of Aristotle's Metaphysics. And Androgynia, being odd and masculine, yet contain- ing an even female part.

And " Didymus," because it divides the Decad into two equal parts. But they called it Pallas, and Immortal, because Pallas presides over the Ether, or 5th Element akasa which is indestructible, and is not material to our present senses. And Cardiatis or Cordialis, because like a heart it is in the middle of the body of the numbers, thus : — I 4 7 The ancients had a maxim, " Pass not above the beam of the balance,'' that is — be not cause of injury ; for they said, let the members in a series form a Balance Beam.

Hence it is worse to do than to suffer injury, and the authors of injury sink down to the infernal regions, but the injured rise to the gods. Since, however, injustice pertains to inequality, equalization is necessary which is effected by addition and sub- traction. It is also called the Pentagram, and 6i the Seal of Solomon, and is said to have been the device on the signet-ring of this ancient Grand Master of the Mysteries.

Kenneth Mackenzie remarks that, being formed by the union of the first odd and even numbers, 5 was considered of peculiar value and used as an Amulet or Talisman power- ful to preserve from evil, and when inscribed on a portal, could keep out evil spirits ; it is found almost everywhere in Greece and Egypt. Diodorus calls five " the union of the four elements with Ether.

Geometry is technically called the 5th Science. It is also called the Pyramid, from the arrangement of Monads, thus three below, then two, then one above them. Note the system of 5 regular Euclidean bodies, tetrahedron, hexahedron or cube, octohedron, dodekahedron and icosahedron. The Pentagram was the emblem of safety.

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The Pentacle, the Masons' signet mark according to Stukeley , was the device borne by Antiochus Soter on a war-banner, to which was ascribed the signal victory he obtained. Phintys, the daughter of Callicrates, describes the Five virtues of a Wife: mental and bodily purity; abstaining from excess of ornament in dress ; staying at home ; refrain- ing, as females then did, from celebrating public mysteries ; piety and temperance.

In Roman marriage ceremonies it was customary to light 5 tapers and to admit the guests by fives ; see Plato in Leg. Jewish references to five are many — 5 gifts to the priests, 62 5 things which might only be eaten in the camp. Not to eat fruit from a tree until it was five years old. The trespass offering imposed on the Philistines, 5 golden emerods and 5 golden mice. Joseph gave Benjamin 5 suits of raiment — Joseph presented only 5 of his brethren to Pharaoh. David took 5 pebbles when he went to fight Goliath.

The Jews classed a Bride's attendants by fives — five wise and five foolish virgins. There are five Articles of Belief in the Mahometan faith — in Allah, in Angels, in the prophet, the day of judgment, and predestination. The Five duties of a Member of the Christian church were stated by the Fathers : To keep holy the festivals ; to observe the fasts ; to attend public worship ; to receive the Sacraments; and to adhere to the customs of the church.

Paul said he preferred to speak 5 words in a language understood by his hearers than 10, in an unknown tongue. In arranging an Horoscope some astrologers use only 5 aspects of the planets — the conjunction, the opposition, sextile, trine and square; and the evil or good fortune of the person seems to depend on them. Among the Romans a display of 5 Wax Candles indicated that a Marriage was being celebrated ; and special prayers were also made on such occasions to these 5 deities, Jupiter, Juno, Venus, Pitho, and Diana.

See Rabelais, 3. One of the two main divisions of Flowering Plants is characterised by a predominance of the numbers 4 and 5 ; these plants have almost a total absence of the numbers 3 and 6 in the component parts of their flowers. These are the Exogens or Dicotyledons; on the other hand the Monocotyledons or Endogens have a constant predominance of the numbers 3 and 6, and a total absence of 4 and 5 symmetry. There are 5 kinds of intercolumniations in Architecture, mentioned by Vitruvius, determined by the proportions of height and diameter, viz. In the Infernal World are 5 terrors and torments ; Deadly bitterness, horrible howling, terrible darkness, unquenchable heat and thirst, and a penetrating stench; says old John Heydon, quoting some mediaeval father of the Church.

Agathe tuche, that is Good fortune, is the old title of Astrologers for the 5th house succedent of the Heavens, as shown in an Astrological Figure, and which refers to offspring, success in hazardous schemes of fortune or pleasure, and wealth. Joshua hanged 5 kings on 5 trees, they were found hidden in a cave, and were the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon. Every important measurement of the Jewish Tabernacle was 5 or a multiple of 5. The Hebrew letter H, Heh, 5, was in occult Kabalah always deemed of female potency. There were 5 principal parts of Solomon's Temple.

David Blesses the Lord 5 times in Psalms ciii. Talmud, Berachoth, Even on the Sabbath you may kill 5 things — the fly in Egypt ; the wasp in Nineveh ; the scorpion of Hadabia ; the serpent of Israel, and the mad dog anywhere. Talmud, Sabbat, Talmud, Yoma, Rabies in the dog has 5 symptoms; its mouth gapes; it drops spittle ; its ears hang down ; it carries its tail between its legs, and it keeps to the side of any path.

Yoma, For suckling mothers there are 5 things which are injurious ; garlic, cucumber, melon, leeks and onions : said Rashi. If one study 5 years and then has found no profit in it ; he will never profit by it. Talmud, ChuUin, Five is the number of expiation and of sacrifice, the number of the passions, and the 5 wounds of Christ. These were commemorated anciently by 5 crosses inscribed on the Altar tables, and the Priest made 5 crosses on himself at the canon in the Liturgy. Jesus 5 times foretold His passion, and gave 5 particulars concerning it, and received 5 wounds. In China 5 means Shangti or Thian, the God in Heaven : the Chinese speak of 5 Blessings — longevity, riches, health, virtue and a natural death.

The ancient Chinese spoke of 5 Elements — earth, wood, 65 fire, metal and water ; and of 5 primary colours — yellow, red, white, green and black. Separate the pure from the impure, gently and with judgment, and so you obtain the Quintessence, the Son of the Sun. Similarly note the progression; stone, plant, animal, man, God. The old authors added, — Talia si jungere possis, sit tibi scire satis ; to which this Author adds, — sed Quod scis, nescis.

Among the Muses it is Thalia. It is formed by the multiplication of the first beyond unity odd number and the first even, it resembles the union of Male and Female, as in Marriage or in Andro- gyneity. Health and Beauty, on account of its symmetry. It was called " all-sufficient, '' iravapKua, panarkeia. According to the Pythagoreans, after a period of years, which number is the cube of 6, all things are re- generated, and they said this was the periodic time of the Metempsychosis or the re-birth of man after each death.

When multiplied into itself, like the pentad, six has also always itself in the unit place, thus, 6, 36, , , On the 6th day Man was created according to Genesis. On the 6th day of the week Jesus died on the cross. Numbers xxxv. There were six things hated by Jehovah. The Seraphim of Isaiah had each 6 wings. In a Freemasons' Lodge there are 6 Jewels, three of which are immovable and lie open in the lodge for the Brethren to moralize upon, while the other three jewels are transferable from one Brother to another at the periodical changes of officers.

See my translation; cap. The Druids had a mysterious religious preference for the number 6. They performed their principal ceremonies on the 6th day of the moon, and on the 6th day of the moon began their year. Tliey went 6 together to gather the sacred mistletoe misseltoe , and in monuments and plates now extant we often find 6 of their priests grouped together. See Mayo, ii.

It seems to have been known by the Chaldeans and ancient Indians ; it is a period of peculiar properties.

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  8. Cassini, a great astronomer, declares it the most perfect of all astronomic periods. If on a certain day at noon, a new moon took place at any certain point in the heavens, it would take place again at the expiration of years, at the same place and time, and with the planets all in similar positions.

    It is supposed that one recurrence of this period is referred to in the 4th Eclogue of Virgil, the poem, which, as is well known, has been spoken of as containing an allusion to the Messiah, Jesus. The virgin Astraea returns, another reign of Saturn commences, and a new progeny descends from heaven.

    Kenealy that a Messiah, or divine teacher, has been sent to the world every years, thus : — Adam, the first messenger from the Gods to our race on earth. Enoch, the second, years after. Fo-hi, the third, to China in particular. Brighou, a Hindoo prophet. Zaratusht, Zoroaster, the fifth, to Persia. Thoth, Taautus, or Hermes Trismegistus, sent to the Egyptians. Amosis, or Moses the Jewish law-giver, the seventh. Lao Tseu, a second to China, b.

    Jesus the ninth, to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles. Mohammed the tenth ; he flourished about a. Chengiz Khan the eleventh, a. Who the special messenger of was, the author is ignorant. The secrets of the Naros of the Apocalypse and of the Mediatorial Sacrifice have been considered the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries. Circumcision was possibly an outward sign of Initiation in the earliest times. The Sothic Cycle was years, containing 18, lunations.

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    B, — Naros is not to be confused with "Saros," a cycle of the moon of 18 years and 10 days, which was known to the Chaldeans and Greeks, a period after the expiry of 69 which the eclipses of the moon recur similarly : it consists of lunations. The circumference of a globe has been fixed at degrees, six sixties ; the hour divided into 60 minutes, each of 60 seconds. The Tartars had a period of 60 days, the Chinese also; and the Asiatics generally a period of 60 years. The Babylonian great period was years, the Naros multiplied by 6.

    One of the three main divisions into which plants are arranged by Botanists, is typified by a predominance of the numbers 3 and 6, in all parts of the flowers, 6 leaves forming a perianth, 6 stamens, and a 3-lobed stigma with a 3- or 6-celled ovary is the common arrangement. Berosus, one of the Chaldean Priests, mentions three periods of time, a Sossus of 60 years ; a Naros, or Neros, of years, and the Saros, years.

    There seems some confusion here with the Saros of 18 years and 10 days. The Chaldeans also did so. The Brahmins have also an Antediluvian period of years. The Tartars and Chinese also used a period of 60 years in their computations of time. Under the number. Six, too, we must not omit to mention the symbol of the double triangle, Hexapla, or Hexalpha, the Shield of David, it is used at present as a sign in the Degree of the Royal Arch in England.

    It must not be con- fused with the Pentalpha which is the true Solomon's seal. In Christian Churches we find the Hexalpha used to ex- press the union of the Divine and human natures, deemed to exist in Jesus, the Christ of the New Testament. The blending of the two triangles has also been used to typify the union of Fire and Water ; for the early symbol of Fire was the triangle apex upward, and that of Water the same 70 apex downward : the symbols of Air and Earth were two similar triangles, each with a cross bar.

    The Talmud says : — Six things are disgraceful to a wise man ; to walk alone at night ; to scent oneself for walking by day ; to talk with a strange woman in the street ; to talk at table with the ignorant ; to wear ragged shoes, and to be late at the house of prayer. Berachoth, Six things lay up capital for hereafter, and also bear interest in this world ; hospitality well ordered ; comfort to the sick; prayerful meditation ; early instruction of children ; training in the Mosaic law, and charitable treatment of a neighbour.

    Evil Demons have 6 characters ; like men they take food and drink, they beget and they die ; like angels, they have wings, they pass from one end of the world to the other, and they can learn the future. There are 6 kinds of Fire, — common fire which eats and does not drink ; fire that drinks and does not eat, as fever ; fire that eats and drinks, that of Elijah, i Kings xviii. The Tables of Moses were said to have been 6 hands- breadths long, 6 wide and 3 thick. Talmud ; Nedarim, Bava Bathra, These died by the Divine Kiss of death, but it is not so definitely stated in the case of Miriam, for fear of scandal.

    Nachash the Brazen Serpent ; Okeshub, an asp, Psalm cxxiv. See Rabbi Nathan, cap. Six blasts of the Horn were blown on the eve of the Sabbath, and then the Sabbath had begun. Shaw says that 6 is the number of temptation and sin, for at the 1 6th hour of the 6th day the first temptation came into the world. The Flood came when Noah was years old. See Genesis xxxiv. The Jews expected that the end of the present dispensa- tion of the world would arrive after years, and St.

    Barnabas repeats this as a reasonable belief of the ancient Christian Church. The Ancient Egyptians had for their highest Priests a College of 6, of which hardly any information has come down to us ; but one Aseshra is mentioned as Master of the Mysterious Words of the 6, and a statue has been found of one Ei-meri, whose engraved title is Chief of the Dwelling of the Great Six. Hence also Obrimopatre, or daughter of a mighty father, and Glaucopis, shining -eyed, and afxrjTwp and aycXcia, Ametor and Ageleia, she that carries off the spoil. And " Fortune," for it decides mortal affairs.

    And " Voice," for there are seven tones in every voice, human and instrumental : because they are emitted by the seven planets, and form the Music of the Spheres. Also Tritogenia, because there are 3 parts of the Soul, the Intellectual, Irascible and Epithymetic desiring , and 4 most perfect virtues are produced.

    Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues - W. Wynn Westcott - Google книги

    Just as of the three intervals, length, breadth, and depth, there are four boundaries in corporeal existence — point, line, superficies and solid. It is called "Agelia," from Agelai, herds, as groups of stars were called by the Babylonian sages, over which herds ruled 7 angels. In the first 7 years the teeth are erupted.

    Solon the Athenian Lawgiver, and Hippocrates the physician, also used this 7-year division of life. The Pleiades, a group of seven stars in the constellation Taurus, was thought of mighty power over earthly destiny ; there were seven also of the Hyades, daughters of Atlas ; and the seven stars which guided the sailors. Ursa Major, in which the Hindoos locate the Sapta Rishi, seven sages of primitive wisdom, are a group of the first importance and are easily recognised. Some philosophers have said that our souls have 7 foci in the material body, viz.

    There are seven internal organs, stomach, liver, heart, lungs, spleen and two kidneys. The ruling part, the head, has seven parts for external use, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth. There are seven things seen, body, interval, magnitude, colour, motion and permanency. There are seven inflections of the voice, the acute, grave, circumflex, rough, smooth, the long and the short sounds. The hand makes seven motions; up and down, to the right and left, before and behind, and circular. There are seven evacuations ; — tears from the eyes, mucus of the nostrils, the saliva, the semen, two excretions and the perspiration.

    Modern medical knowledge corroborates the ancient dictum that in the seventh month the human oflspring becomes viable. Menstruation tends to occur in series of four times seven days, and is certainly related to Luna in an occult manner. The lyre has 7 strings, corresponding to the planets. There are 7 vowels in English and some other tongues. Theon of Smyrna also notices that an average length of an adult's intestine is 28 feet, four times seven, and 28 also is a perfect number.

    As to the sacredness of the number 7, note among the Hebrews, oaths were confirmed by seven witnesses ; or by 75 seven victims offered in sacrifice; as see the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech with seven lambs, Genesis, chap. Clean beasts were admitted into the ark by sevens, whilst the unclean only in pairs. Apollo, the Sun God, had a Greek title Ebdomaios, sevenfold. The Persian Mithras, a Sun God, had the number 7 sacred to him.

    The seven wise men of Greece were : Bias who said, " Most men are bad,'' B. The Seven Wonders of the World are thus enumerated : 1. Pyramids of Egypt. The hanging Gardens of Babylon, for Semiramis. Temple of Diana at Ephesus, B. Ctesiphon was the chief architect. Colossus of Rhodes, an image of the sun god, Apollo, of brass, b. Statue of Zeus, at Athens, by Phidias. Pharos of Egypt, built by Ptolemy Philadelphus, of white marble, B. Sanskrit lore has very frequent reference to this number : note : — Sapta Rishi, seven sages; Sapta Kula, 7 castes; Sapta Loka, seven worlds ; Sapta Para, 7 cities ; Sapta Dwipa, seven holy islands ; Sapta Arania, 7 deserts ; Sapta Parna, 7 human principles ; Sapta Samudra, seven holy seas ; Sapta Vruksha, 7 holy trees.

    The Assyrian Tablets also teem with groups of sevens — 7 gods of sky ; 7 gods of earth ; 7 gods of fiery spheres : seven gods maleficent; seven phantoms; spirits of seven heavens ; spirits of seven earths. The Chaldean notion seems to have been that 7 was a holy number which became nefast under certain conditions. The opposite sides of a die added together are always seven in total numeration, the 4 opposite 3, 6 opposite i, and so on. It used to be asserted, says John Heydon, that every seventh Male born without any female coming between, can cure the King's Evil, by Word, or Touch.

    James iii. After Birth the 7 th hour decides whether the child will live, in 7 days the cord falls off, in twice 7 days the eyes follow a light, thrice 7 days turns the head, 7 months gets teeth, twice 7 months sits firmly, thrice 7 months begins to talk, after 4 times 7 months walks strongly. After 7 years, teeth of second set appear. After 14 years is the arrival of generative power. After 2 1 the hair of Manhood is completed. After 28 we cease to grow, at 35 is greatest strength, at 49 is the greatest discretion, and 70 is the natural end of Life. The Moon passes through stages of 7 days in increase, full, decrease, and renewal.

    Naaman was ordered by Elisha an Adept to take seven dips in Jordan, to cleanse himself from Leprosy. Note the seven years for Repentance; 7 churches of Asia or Assiah , 7 Angels with Trumpets, 7 candlesticks of the Holy Places, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 kings, 7 thousands slain, 7 vials of wrath to be poured out, pace the Apocalypse. Francis Barrett, in his " Magus," catalogues 7 Birds, Fishes, Animals, metals, stones, and members of the body.

    It has been said there are seven apertures of the skull to correspond with the planets. Lawrence Archer. From the relative length of their courses the ancients constructed a Planetary Ladder, with Vowel Symbols, thus : Moon Merc. Venus Sun Mars Jupit. The Oracle of Claros Macrobius, Saturnalia, i. Duncan assigns these Minerals and Animals to the 7 Heavenly Bodies known to the ancient world. Note Aries supplanted Taurus, as the constellation in which the sun rises at the Vernal equinox ; Taurus was the sign at the early fabulous periods of the earth — it was displaced about B.

    The sign becomes changed every years by the precession of the equinoxes : Pisces has now followed Aries ; but the Sun is still said to enter the sign Aries at the Vernal Equinox about March 21st. Its actual position in March was near omega Pisces. For a fuller explana- tion see the " Secret Doctrine " of H. The Archaic scheme recognized Seven States of Matter ; — homo- geneous, aeriform, nebulous or curdlike, atomic, germinal fiery elemental, fourfold vapoury, and lastly that which is cold and dependent on a vivifying Sun for light and heat.

    Our Earth, symbolised by Malkuth of the Kabalah, is the seventh of a series, and is on the Fourth plane ; it is 79 generated by Jesod, the foundation the Sixth World, and after complete purification will in the 7th Race of the 7th Cycle become re-united to the Spiritual Logos and in the end to the Absolute. Our earth has been already thrice changed, and each cycle sees seven kings as of Edom. There were Seven Kings of Edom, Genesis, xxxvi.

    Seven is the key to the Mosaic creation, as to the symbols of every religion. There are Seven Planes of being, the upper three are sub- jective and unknowable to mankind, the lower four are objective and may be contemplated by man as metaphysical abstractions : so there are the seven Principles in Man, and the upper triad are parted from the lower group of four at dissolution.

    The Seven Principles constituting man are variously named by the Esoteric Buddhism, by the Vedantic scheme, and by other philosophies, but they correspond in idea; first from above come Atma, a ray from the Absolute; Buddhi, spiritual soul ; and Manas, human soul ; these are the superior triad, which separates at human death from the lower tetrad of principles. The lower four are Kama rupa, the passions ; Linga Sarira, the astral body ; Prana, life essence ; and Sthula Sarira, the lower body ; see the dogmas of Esoteric Buddhism.

    The Kabalah divides these into four planes of the Soul, which are further separated by adepts; these are Chiah, Neshamah, Ruach and Nephesh, which correspond to the symbolical worlds of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. There is an occult reference in the Seven stars in the head of Taurus called the Pleiades, six present and one hidden — said to be daughters of Atlas, who, pursued by Orion, were changed by Zeus in mercy into pigeons peleia. The missing one is Merope, who married the mortal Sisyphus, and hides herself for shame.

    Seven was the number of the Rabbis who left the " Greater Holy Assembly '' ; ten had formed it, three had 8o 3. Athanasius Kircher the Jesuit states that the ancient Egyptians associated numbers to the planets as follows : — Saturn Jupiter Mars Sol. In China 7 is the number of Death, and their days of mourning are 7 times 7 : the Seven Star Plank is the name of the bottom plank of a cofifin in which they bore 7 holes. The Hindoos speak of 7 Tat was, the abstract principles of existence, metaphysical and physical, the subtle elements and the corresponding human senses, of which only five are yet developed.

    The first name means One, Unity, the Atom, and is a name of Brahma; the latter means parentless, self-existent. Jupiter is also named Brihaspati. The word Septemtriones refers to the north, and is so called from its reference to the 7 stars of Ursa Major, also called the Plough, and seen in the Zodiac of Denderah as the Thigh. The Talmudic Berachoth, The Targum Yerushalmi says these were formed years before the World's creation. Talmud, Pesachim, Seven things were hidden from man ; the day of death, the time of the resurrection, the final judgment, the opinion of his fellow-man, the time of the Jewish restoration, and the Fall of Persia whatever that may mean.

    Pesachim, In Micah, chapter v. In the Talmud, Kethuboth, On the 7th day of the month Adar, Moses died and the rain of manna ceased, says the Talmud, but this appears to 6 82 be contradicted in Joshua v. He was born on the same day of the same month. The Bava Kama says that after 7 years a male hyaena becomes a bat, in another 7 years a Vampire, after another a Thorn, and after another is turned into a demon.

    If a man fails to pray devoutly for 7 years, his spine after death becomes a serpent. The Bava Bathra says that 7 men form an unbroken series to this day. Even 7 years of pestilence will not cause a man to die before his allotted time. This dictum of the treatise Sanhedrin is a statement of predestination.

    Numbers : their occult power and mystic virtues

    A Ram has but one voice while alive, but after death his body makes 7 sounds ; his horns make two trumpets, his thigh bones two pipes, his skin will cover a drum, the large intestines are formed into strings for the lyre, and the small intestines will make the small strings for the harp. In the Sabbat, Compare this with the Theosophic teaching that the Linga Sarira broods over the body for a week after death.

    Rabbi Nathan says that 7 good qualities avail at the Judgment ; wisdom, righteousness, good opinions, mercy, truth, grace, and peace. The mystical River Sambatyon flowed all the week, but was still on the 7 th day, says Rashi. Hershon, Talmudic Miscellany, The 7 Catholic Deadly Sins are Pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth. The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Isaiah xi. There was a 7 years' probation for admission to the Celtic Order of the Culdees. The 7 Champions of Christendom were St.

    George for England, St. Denis of France, St. James of Spain, St. Andrew of Scptland, St. David of Wales, St. Patrick of Ireland, and St. They awaked in a. The Coptic Gnostics represented the Jehovah of the Hebrews by a curious arrangement of the 7 vowels, without a consonant ; thus Iehooua the h is the Greek eta, long e ; and the first O is the Greek long O, omega. In the Zoroastrian theology we read of the highest beings the 7 Amshaspands ; Ormuzd, source of life ; Bahman, the king of this world ; Ardibehest, fire producer ; Shahrivar, the former of metals; Spandarmat, queen of the earth the Gnostic Sophia ; Khordad, the ruler of times and seasons ; 84 and Amerdad, ruling over the vegetable world.

    Below there are the 27 Izeds, ruled over by Mithras; in opposition to these were powers of darkness, the 7 arch devs, and the 27 devs, or devils as we call them. In Latin times it was called XJrbs Septicollis. Some old authors speak of " Valentia '' as a secret name for Rome. The " Bijou Notes and Queries," vol. Once you place an order, you or someone you know can pick it up at a Kmart store, have it shipped or delivered to a U. If you're looking to do some international online shopping, be sure to visit kmart.

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