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John Buchan. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Mr Standfast. Description Recalled from active service on the Western Front, Richard Hannay is sent undercover on a crucial secret mission to find a dangerous German agent at large in Britain. Disguised as a pacifist, Hannay travels from London to Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands and Islands in his search, which eventually ends in a spectacular climax above the battlefields of Europe. John Buchan's inside knowledge of trench warfare and government intelligence lend a formidable realism to this superlative spy story.

This is a nail-biting classic from a master storyteller. Other books in this series.

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The Three Hostages John Buchan. Bases on your review, I may have to give this one a chance. When you say fellow Scot, do you mean that you are of a Scottish heritage?

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I've never read any John Buchan, in spite of loving classics, but his books sound great : It's fun to check out this category of the Back to the Classics challenge especially, just to see what bloggers consider their favourite. Brian, I've never seen the movie. Buchan was a great writer but reflected the times he lived in. Hi Sharon, I like The 39 Steps the least out of all his books.

But I still enjoyed it. Buchan wrote it during a bout of illness as a 'penny dreadful'for the son of a friend.

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I hope you give him another chance :. Hi Paula, thanks for your comment. Like every one else, I have heard of only The 39 Steps.

Thanks for the great review, the book and the series sound fabulous. I will see if I can work one of his titles in on the next Back to the Classics Challenge.

Mr Standfast

He was a fairly prolific writer so there are quite a few to choose from. Have your read "The Island of Sheep"? Do you have any favourites??

You can get the girl out of Scotland but you can't get Scotland out of the girl. I lost my accent when I moved away from home after years of trying to eradicate it to no effect. Now I'm sorry I didn't make the effort to keep it in my natural talking voice but I can turn it on at the drop of a hat. I liked Sick Heart River: i think i've read it twice, but i should reread as i don't remember it that well Tis is not genre I would gravitate to on my own, but your review is likely to bring many readers to this story, including, perhaps, me.

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It seems like he us mostly known for 39 Steps but his other books are so much more developed and not just centred on espionage. I,too, loved the references to Pilgrim's Progress in this book. I read it without having read the first two and probably would enjoy it even more if I had read them in their proper order. Thanks for a great review!