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And, while this is obviously a good thing, jQuery's ease of use can quickly allow us to become complacent in our learning. The jQuery development team is constantly making improvements to the library and it is important that we try to keep up with all the advancements such that we can leverage them to our benefit.

Luckily, with books like the jQuery 1. I had the opportunity to read this book over the weekend and it does a great job of outlining the entire jQuery API. I'm a slow reader and I was able to make it through this book in about 6 to 7 hours. But, make no mistake about it - it's a reference guide, not a learning manual; it does have code samples, but they go only slightly farther than what is required to demonstrate the given API method.

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For a more real-world, task-oriented exploration, you might want to check out Karl and Jonathan's other book, Learning jQuery 1. This picture is missing the standard "That's Me" with arrows, like in your banner rotation. Thanks for the book references. Great reminder that I need a up-to-date JQuery book, however I am actually more interested in your office chairs. Look like they are pretty ergonomic and comfy.. What are they? Love that classic office shelf unit in the background.

I'll ditto the recommendation for "Learning jQuery 1. I'm hoping they have an update planned for 1. I think the chairs are all from Staples. Although, I have an Aeron chair that I inherited from my dad :. NOTE: Just so there is no confusion here, this book is a reference manual; it is basically an offline version of the documentation. I just talked about this with someone and wanted to make sure this was clear. I'm thinking of grabbing an Ergohuman Leather. When we sit as much as we do a quality chair is essential I'd say. I want to know if I should pick up 1. Revised and updated for version 1.

Each method and function is introduced with a summary of its syntax and a list of its parameters and return value, followed by a discussion, with examples where applicable, to assist in getting the most out of jQuery and avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with JavaScript and other client-side languages. In this book you will be provided information about the latest features of jQuery that include Sizzle Selector, Native event delegation, Event triggering, DOM manipulation, and many more.

You won't be confined to built-in functionality, you'll be able to examine jQuery's plug-in architecture and we discuss both how to use plug-ins and how to write your own. If you're already familiar with JavaScript programming, this book will help you dive right into advanced jQuery concepts. You'll be able to experiment on your own, trusting the pages of this book to provide information on the intricacies of the library, where and when you need it.

This book is a companion to Learning jQuery 1. Learning jQuery 1. You'll discover the untapped possibilities that jQuery 1. In the open source community, he has been very active in the Drupal CMS project, which has adopted jQuery as its JavaScript framework of choice. Jonathan is the creator of the Content Construction Kit, now a part of the Drupal core, used for managing structured content.

He is also responsible for major overhauls of Drupal's menu system and developer API reference. In his spare time, he designs board and card games for the hobby market. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, Jennifer. Karl Swedberg is a web developer at Fusionary Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he spends much of his time writing both client-side and server-side JavaScript.

When he isn't coding, he likes to hang out with his family, roast coffee in his garage, and exercise at the local gym. Sign In Register.

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