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Duboisset, P. Berto, P. Gasecka, F.. Bioud, P. Ferrand, H. Rigneault , S. B 7 , pp — Wasik, P. Roche and S. Brasselet Precision of polarization-resolved second harmonic generation microscopy limited by photon noise for samples with cylindrical symmetry JOSA A 32 8 Duboisset, H. Rigneault, S. A 90, Mavrakis, Y. Azou-Gros, F-C. Tsai, J. Alvarado, A. Bertin, F. Iv, A. Kress, S. Brasselet, G. Koenderink and T. Lecuit Septins promote F-actin ring formation by cross-linking actin filaments into curved bundles Nature Cell Biology 16, — Gasecka, P. Rigneault, J. Duboisset, and S.

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Sonza, G. Tachedjian, N. Daly and D. Iwai, H. Han, S. Svensson, L. Anwar , J. Brewer , M. Bloksgaard , L. Laloeuf , D. Nosek , S. Masich , L. Bagatolli , U. Skoglund and L. The human skin barrier is organized as stacked bilayers of fully extended ceramides with cholesterol molecules associated with the ceramide sphingoid moiety. Stock, J. Brewer, K. Wagner, B. Ramos-Cerrillo, L. Duelund, K. Folke Olsen, L. Sphingomyelinase D activity in model membranes: structural effects of in situ generation of ceramidephosphate. Bloksgaard, V. Svane-Knudsen, J. Bagatolli and J. Structural characterization and lipid composition of the cholesteatoma matrix: a comparative study with normal skin.

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Controlled Release 1 Plasencia, L. Int J.

Cholesterol: Revisiting its fluorescent journey on 200th anniversary of Chevruel’s “cholesterine”

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One Change Makes Cells GLOW - Fluorescent Microscope Mod

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Fluorescent Methods to Study Biological Membranes | SpringerLink

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