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Florida Frontiers TV - Episode 1 - The Civil War in Florida

His supporters counter that his first term does not count toward the limit because he was not directly elected by voters in Bujumbura, a relatively small capital on the foothills of pristine green mountains with a shore of urban beaches on Lake Tanganyika, has a simple downtown, dominated by Belgian colonial buildings. Barricades of rocks, tree logs, branches, burning trash and scrap metal have blocked cars from entering in a challenge to the authorities.

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Young men with large sticks and batons guard their territories from what they say is brutality by the police. Law enforcement officers in blue uniform with shields, batons, tear-gas guns and water cannons have clashed with the men, sometimes using live rounds. Protests entered a third week, despite a ban by the officials. Jonnie, 21, a university student who was fearful of giving his last name, said he would protest every day in his neighborhood of Musaga.

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In another neighborhood, Kamenge, considered a stronghold for the governing party, matters were different. But protesters have lost faith in the system here, saying that justice is delivered only to members of the governing party. Having just returned from the funeral of an Imbonerakure member who was killed by protesters when they put a burning tire around his neck, Mr.

Tiananmen Square Protests: Timeline, Massacre & Aftermath - HISTORY

Karera argued that even his comrades should be held accountable if proved guilty. Protesters say that members of the Imbonerakure have conducted brutal attacks while dressed as police officers. We know them. Burundi has prided itself in having a more vibrant civil society, greater press freedoms and a more competitive political system than neighbors like Rwanda, where the legacy of the genocide has been managed primarily through the suppression of dissent rather than lively debate.

He said the office in the capital was visited by three ministers on the first day of protests, and the next day it was shut down.

Pacifique Nininahazwe, a civil society activist in hiding, was in defiant support of the protests. Barumwete said. Reverberations from the crisis could have a major impact on regional politics.

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In Florida, recent statewide ACLU campaigns include the push for Amendment 4 and the Fair Districts amendment, which restricted the gerrymandering of legislative and congressional districts. The ACLU of Florida also teamed with local chapters to successfully push a pair of local ballot initiatives that changed the dates of municipal elections in Sarasota and Gainesville.


The campaign in Sarasota was controversial and contributed to some of the recent acrimony within the local ACLU chapter, with members split on getting involved with the issue. Similar concerns have led to a surge in ACLU membership nationally and locally, with the local chapter now up to 2, members. And frankly he had a very difficult time understanding that. He began undermining Susan in my opinion Barfield and Nilon acknowledged that there were other issues that led to turmoil within the chapter.

Nilon made a number of changes to how the chapter runs.

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Not everyone is retired. That created a lot of tension there were a lot of arguments about what the purpose of the chapter was. Nilon wanted to do more. The organization recently voted to launch a study of bail bond practices in the 12th Judicial Circuit.