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I. Ah, the Ode!

So start writing at the bottom of the page and work your way up. Or begin at the end of the notebook, or turn it upside down. Write in different shapes each day, or use bubbles for each phrase.

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  • Faith on Trial: Analyze the Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
  • II. The Elegy.
  • Loving Myself - Simple Ways to Improve My Most Important Relationship - THE ONE WITH MYSELF.

Or create a sun in the center of the page and have words and images raying outward. What does it feel like if you use green or a peaceful blue?

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Maybe who I am as a writer is changing too. What motivates me to write? When I first met Claudia back in I was in the throes of despair regarding my publishing career. My agent had pretty much given up on me, and I was at a crossroads, and had to decide where, after a lifetime of writing and publishing, to go next.

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Claudia gently encouraged me to trust myself, to invest in myself, and to publish myself. She promised she would hold my hand through the whole adventure. No longer did I have to wait months — sometimes years! I was free. Now, six books later and another on the way, I can also say I am a successful writer, and success is definitely motivating. Where do I write? In bed! Why do I write? More recently I have become engaged in writing my WriteSpa — An Oasis for Writers newsletters that aim to encourage and nourish writers who need a rest in their writing journey.

When do I write?

Improve your Writing: Show, Not Tell

How do I write? Well, that being said, there is actually no such thing as writing — there is ONLY rewriting. I write everything over, and over, and then rewrite. It is like carving a sculpture out of wood: I am finding the piece of wood, then sawing it, chiseling, sanding, buffing, and finally polishing….

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About Winslow Eliot. Heaven Falls was published in March and won first place in Reader Views Awards—romance category. A Perfect Gem and Pursued followed in Besides writing novels and managing her WriteSpa, she teaches high school English and creative writing to teenagers. She belly-dances, sings and plays guitar, she has visited most sacred places in the world, and she loves people and the tarot. Upcoming Events. Your life is an adventure. Every morning you wake up and anything at all might happen!

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  3. Trail of Vengeance!
  4. You can set off on a journey, speak your mind, buy something, sell something, look at a painting, take a walk and see a wild boar … As a writer, you know this is true. You create things. You cast a magic spell and a world is manifested. The first cause is that many teenagers lack positive role models in their lives. Another factor that causes a student to give up on school is a lack of determination. Assessment Answer the question: How would you identify a cause-effect paragraph? For the Teacher to: 1.

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    Assesses whether learning objectives have been met for a specified duration 2. Evaluate whether learning intentions and success criteria have been met [Reminder: Formative Assessment may be given before, during or after the lesson. Publishing these stories in e-format seems to be a win for authors, publishers, and readers. Authors get to share stories that might otherwise have sat in a drawer or on a hard drive somewhere and know that those stories are being read and discussed by their most devoted fans.

    Publishers get to keep the attention of readers between books in a series and rachet up the excitement and anticipation for a new title. Are there any disadvantages to this trend? Many libraries also seem unsure about whether to purchase these exclusively e-published short stories.

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    In my own region, where there are several large city and country library systems, some have purchased them and some have not. What do you think? It seems like my library system is purchasing these more and more.