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She got her medical degree and faced prejudice against female doctors, but she persisted and is a great example for girls then and now. This biography describes her early years as the child of a wealthy, influential family in New York, her unexpected relationship with Alexander, and after his death, the work she did in preserving his memory and legacy. No Small Potatoes : Junius G. Former slave Junius G. Groves migrated to Kansas after being set free, taught himself math and how to read and write, and worked for next to nothing on a small potato farm.

He used his hard-earned money to rent the land, and through hard work and perseverance he slowly built a potato empire with acres that outproduced every other farm in the world. Here Amanda Lucidon has adapted her adult book Chasing Light for children, describing what made the Obamas so historic. She also explains the role of the White House photographer and takes readers on a tour of some of the famous rooms there, where Michelle Obama did some of her work. Lucidon also points out what qualities the First Lady had that made her just as incredible as the President.

In Germany, Regina Jonas became the first woman to be ordained as a rabbi. Krull and Brewer introduce Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an entertaining and interesting scientist who became interested in astronomy as a child when he visited the Hayden Planetarium. Young sky watchers will be inspired by the efforts Tyson put in to buy his first telescope, by his curiosity, and by his passion and enthusiasm for the night sky.

This picture book for intermediate students use the alphabet as a framework to discuss the experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants from all over the world. People in the United States were discouraged by Cold War relations with Russia, our lagging in the space race, and the violence of the civil rights movement. The mission of Apollo 8 was originally to orbit the Earth, but when rumors were heard that the Soviets planned to orbit the moon, NASA changed its agenda: Apollo 8 would orbit the moon and be the first to see its dark side. The book includes diagrams and resources for further information.

William Higginbotham, Shigeru Miyamoto, Donna Bailey are just three of the amazing pioneers in who made a hobby into the video game industry it is today. Christmas is the sixth title in the Orca Origins series, which presents colorful titles and interesting facts about where holidays started and how they are celebrated. Readers will learn where the continents used to be and how they moved to where they are today, as well as their ecosystems, climate, and animals at various times in history.

In this young readers edition of U. Readers will love this collection of illustrated facts and trivia about the science, history, and legends of Mount Everest. Readers are presented with questions about architecture and encouraged to guess before being presented with the answer. The science behind bridges, arches, locks, skyscrapers, and more is explained with interesting descriptions, diagrams, and photos.

Many human-made devices and products are created from looking at nature, but this book describes how studying humans has helped to design robots and expand their capabilities. In this sequel to If Picasso Painted a Snowman , the Newbolds offer their ideas on what some iconic paintings would look like if their painters had used dinosaurs as subjects. Along with eliciting lots of giggles, this book should spark creativity as well.

These true accounts describe the problems that famous scientists faced as children. It features scientists ranging from Jane Goodall who got in trouble as a child for keeping worms under her pillow to Stephen Hawking who was so disinterested in school that he did not learn to read until he was eight years old. Three children are carried off on an adventure back in time to the Age of the Vikings and learn about the history of the era.

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Check out this range of human-made architecture inspired by nature, like a flood-proof house that floats on water like a lily-pad, or a building that uses a trick from the cactus to beat the heat. Once a threatened species, it is now rising in number and their territory is now encroaching on human communities. They study this issue and ask questions about whether humans and bears can live side-by-side, and what are possible consequences to conservation efforts.

Recently unclassified documents have uncovered the true story of American women who served the U. Mundy describes how tens of thousands of women were recruited by the U. This graphic novel presents the story of a teenage girl who inherits an old locket and a decrepit mansion, where she finds out that she has also inherited fantastic abilities.

Other families are also involved in this magical legacy, but not all of them want to use their powers for good. Dive In! The author, who became an advocate for oceans after she learned to scuba-dive as a teen, shares her passion. She explains how important the ocean is for life on earth, and how overfishing and pollution are endangering the marine ecosystem.

She provides some examples of what kids can do to help, whether or not they live near a beach.

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Wood ill. Stories of hoaxes, scams, and tricksters are found throughout history. Wood breaks down how such fakers operate and offers tips on spotting and avoiding them. Young readers will learn about art history from cave painting to video games. The authors explain the importance of art to the human experience, explore how each medium is created, and describe artistic inventions that pushed the evolution of art from primitive tools to computer code.

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  • Handbook for Spiritual Directees: A Book of Spiritual Exercises.

Murphy chronicles the lives and final days of Martin Luther King Jr. This tragedy led to changes in fire safety regulations for schools. The author includes a section about staying safe during a fire. The graphic novel format is an entertaining way to teach young learners about the brain. Smithsonian : Timelines of Everything by Smithsonian. The history of the world is told through illustrations and timelines for young readers. With topics ranging from dinosaurs to bloodthirsty pirates to espionage and beyond, this is a great selection for the kid who wants to know everything.

Montgomery ill. Scientists have made important discoveries from the study of roadkill, including that of several brand-new species. The author uses a humorous, conversational tone to describe what scientists do with roadkill and the many things they have learned—as well as her own efforts at necropsy and taxidermy, and talking with people who eat what they find. What makes this collective biography stand out is that it features women who have accomplished remarkable things when they were still young—and often despite the shameful way women were often treated.

Hoose presents the true story of the first all-black high school basketball team, the Crispus Attucks Tigers.

In as they became the first state champions and the first all-black team in U. Brimner explores the history of blacklisting in Hollywood during the Cold War. When the artists insisted that these trials violated their First Amendment rights, ten were held in contempt of Congress and jailed; this was the beginning of blacklisting. Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. In this graphic novel memoir, author and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka describes growing up with an addict mother, a missing father, and two opinionated grandparents who raised him.

He explains how he relied on his art to express himself and to survive the ups and downs of life. During the Depression, a loving family learns the true meaning of Christmas. A girl in A. Kregel, dist. Grandpa has a charmed life because someone special is watching over him. Text and die-cut art reveal opposites. Maisy explores numbers and colors. Can Maisy read quietly while her friends giggle in the library? A baby in a shoe takes to the sea, the air and the shops. Though his jungle pals help him feel tall, a chimp discovers that small is the right size for snuggling in his mother's arms.

Flaps lift to show what happens when storybook characters move into this house. Little Bear learns that it's fun to venture off by himself, but it's even better to come home again. In this interactive book, readers can change things into their complete opposites. It takes a special kind of dress to get Lindsay to change her ways.

A determined girl exchanges messages with Santa. The star of Baby Brains becomes a rock idol. Bunnies take to the high seas. In this scrapbook, a boy records the ups and downs of being a new big brother. A polar bear struggles to survive in an Arctic habitat threatened by global warming. This story of dueling young artists addresses the give and take of friendship.

Schindler, offers a fictionalized portrait of Henry David Thoreau. What does it take to get a response from indifferent Billy? Anderson, illus. A boy's peaceful life at the End of the World is disturbed when developers arrive to create an inn and theme park. Flaps and fold-outs change the look of objects in this book of visual puzzles. Gus and Gloria take center stage in this novel about the Gaskitts.

An Amish boy wrestles with a frightening secret as suspicious barn fires occur in his community. Siblings discover who is plundering tombs in ancient Egypt. A sarcastic pig who was once a member of Odysseus's crew must fulfill a prophecy to save the world. A gawky kid mysteriously becomes the world's greatest soccer goalkeeper. In s Shanghai, two siblings' search for their missing parents uncovers a mysterious secret society. Three children find adventure on a Maine island where a three-headed dragon lives.

A girl's crush on a British royal leads to unexpected discoveries about life, loss and love. After going to work for an international corporation, Josh finds himself caught in a place between dreams and reality. When a car accident leaves a teen in a coma, her surviving sister struggles with grief and guilt. Janet's relationship with her best friend is tested in this sequel to Planet Janet. Little Wolf and his younger brother receive bad-behavior lessons from their parents.

A boy and his pals visit a haunted house. Vinney learns that being short has its upside. Mallory's ninth birthday celebration doesn't go according to plan. After Brian's girlfriend is murdered, her father goes on trial for the crime. How Do You Sleep? A dog documents his travels to 10 capitals around the world. Readers lift flaps to guess the identity of eight animals whose eyes they see. In this reworking of "The Little Red Hen," a witch deals with her lazy monster friends.

Holiday revelers travel around the world on a sleigh to learn about Christmas customs in other countries. Mouse can't figure out how to make tug-of-war teams equal. A mother penguin struggles to make her way back to her mate and their newborn chick. Collard, illus.

Ace Lacewing investigates the disappearance of Queenie Bee. As children play hide-and-seek, a mosquito seeks blood to nourish her eggs. Joe writes a letter to the monster living under his bed. Getting to Know the U. Animals prepare for bedtime in this book packaged with a CD. Some things are special because they happen only once a year. A family on vacation learns about its heritage. Moore, compiled by Cooper Edens; and The Nutcracker , retold and illus. Now Please Get Lost! Celia starts high school in this sequel to Celia's Year. A hungry child prepares a favorite Korean dish with her mother.

For his birthday, Nick receives some special deliveries—including a flamingo and piglets—all in his favorite color. The animal characters from The Saturday Escape return for a romp in the snow. A bookworm discovers that her favorite author is not quite the person she imagined. A girl's imagination brightens her life on the Australian bush. Can three leprechauns dig up the pot of gold they buried before the rainbow arrives? In the English court, a teenager poses as a princess to save the real royal's life.

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A girl's life changes when an elderly man on a bicycle appears at her home. After the Revolutionary War, two boys, one half Indian, the other violently anti-Indian, come to terms with their differences.

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This fantasy follows a young woman's quest to reunite her family and right the wrongs suffered by her mother's tribe. After her brother dies in a car accident, Brenda finds inspiration in poetry. This board book introduces symbols of Christmas. This collection of readings, carols and activities is packaged with a CD.

Verse and images depict the adventure of reading. Patrick Lewis, illus. A biography in verse, with pop-up art.

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Brent Burkett, is a tale of friendship between an all-powerful emperor and his cat. A girl's history essay puts a partly factual, partly personal spin on world history. Eddie is having trouble calling the right plays—on his football team, at home and with his secret crush. Children's book authors offer stories based on their own athletic experiences. Monsters run scared after a boy learns karate. A school bus driver tames speed grump Rush Hotfoot. Snowmen celebrate Christmas in this companion to Snowmen at Night.

After two siblings find a dragon in their backyard, they try to hide it from their father. A turkey's animal pals help him escape from two Pilgrim brothers searching for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Deputy Harvey attempts to uncover a cow thief. George and his dragon outwit a wizard in this follow-up to The Egg. A girl in 17th-century London learns that she has inherited magical powers from her mother. Twenty-two children share personal accounts of losing home, family—or both—to war and conflict.