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Eat The Schoolgirl aka Osaka Telephone Club (1997)

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Wide Open [1974] aka Sängkamrater

Films of the seventies were just bursting with onscreen nudity that one volume was not enough. Hollywood isn't the only place to find beautiful actresses.

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The Saucy 70's Volume 2 has a distinct international flavor with dozens of A and B-movie ingenues from around the world featuring starlets in all! The Saucy 70's were an extraordinary period in cinema, sex and nudity in mainstream films exploded and new subgenres of films emerged. Nunsploitation, blaxploitation, grindhouse, woman-in-prison, European giallos and sex comedies, and of course, the ever-popular 'young woman's erotic journey' films that were so prevalent, took nudity in cinema to greater heights.

Anna is a meek mute girl who designs clothes during the day time. Jay Lee tries his damndest to take porn star retiree how long will that last?

2 Porn Titans - Peter North & Sarah Y0ung

Jenna Jameson and posits her as the next B movie scream queen a la Linnea Quigley or Debbie Rochon and I have to set it straight that Jameson will not be the next anything in horror. Any and all attempts to gain some sense of pop culture standing, beyond being a famous porn star have been fruitless and quixotic her comic proved that. Poor white chick gets raped by black dudes.

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