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An attractive and aligned mission, vision, and values statement set the stage for a common purpose. To have engagement, however, growth and impact need to be defined. Employees also need to benefit along with the organization in terms of growth and new opportunities. To engage over the long-term, opportunities need to evolve and scale. Opportunities to co-create and co-impact will also be important. How the organization actually operates will determine whether employees promote or want to be associated with it over the long-term.

This desire is what turns attraction and engagement into long-term growth and retainment. First, we need to trust in people. Most people are good, and our trust in good people will be rewarded with goodwill, loyalty, and admiration. Our trust also produces ambassadors.

Choose Your Win

If you are not working with good people, you need to move on from those you have. As leaders and organizations, our trust needs to translate into providing flexibility to employees. We need to not only respect their desire for appropriate work-life balance and integration, we need to help support, encourage, and enable that to earn their long-term engagement and loyalty. We need to trust in relationships. We need to purposefully initiate and advance our relationships with our employees. We also need to learn to evolve and scale these relationships as our employees transition to and between new work and life seasons , not control them.

We need to trust in investments. Creating better possibilities will always have a high return. Better possibilities produce work with greater meaning and purpose.

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    Part 4: Choose to Win, Not Participate

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