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Early life

His words — especially his speeches — have endured and are still quoted by many politicians, writers, historians, and journalists today. John F. Kennedy spent the first ten years of his life in Brookline, Massachusetts. He attended many schools, and his father was often away from the family for long periods of time. When the family moved out the suburbs a couple of years later, they attended St.

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From , the future president would attend the prestigious Choate boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut. His older brother Joe Jr. JFK was hospitalized in with suspected leukaemia, but doctors at the Mayo Clinic ultimately concluded that he had colitis. He graduated in June of the following year, finishing 64th in a class of students. Health problems continued to plague JFK when it was time to go to college.

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Though he hoped to attend the London School of Economics LSE like his older brother, ill health meant that a late enrollment at Princeton was a better option. However, a persistent gastrointestinal illness meant that he had to drop out after just two months. His application letter said:. He thrived at Harvard, trying out for the football, golf, and swimming teams, before ultimately earning a spot on the varsity swim team.

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After a couple of years of having a good time, John began to take his studies more seriously. However, the importance he placed on the value of education comes through in many of his speeches. On January 20, , John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the youngest person to ever be sworn into the office of the President of the United States.

At just 43 years old, JFK achieved what others would not until they were in their mids and 60s. His youth, vitality, charm, good looks, and growing family brought a sense of freshness to the White House. John — or Jack, as his family referred to him — had never been the son with political ambitions. The death of his elder brother Joe Jr.

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At the urging of his father, Kennedy campaigned first for Congress, and later for the Senate. A gifted speaker, JFK was liked by many and was able to use his experiences to implement change. When people were wary of his religious background Catholic , Kennedy replied saying that the US Navy had never cared about his beliefs during his active service in the South Pacific. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination in January Some questioned his youth and experience, but his charm and eloquence won him many supporters within his own party and among the people.

During the long campaign period, JFK proved himself to be a strong and charismatic personality and an incredible speaker.

John F. Kennedy Bio: Life and Presidential Career

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America's Reluctant Prince: The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Christian Science Perspective. Across the country flags flew at half-staff, and moments of silence were planned for the hour when Kennedy was shot riding in a motorcade in Dallas 50 years ago. November 23, By Peter Grier Staff writer petergrier. To impeach or not? Why Democrats have been keeping things fuzzy. Get the Monitor Stories you care about delivered to your inbox.

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John F. Kennedy at The Power of His Legacy | Time

Cue oversight debate. A Muslim woman comic walks into a bar: Changing perceptions through jokes. He is still the youngest U. President ever elected, and still the youngest to die. Kennedy has been gone for more years than he spent on earth. And yet nearing the occasion of what, in some incalculably different history, might have been his th birthday his mother, Rose Fitzgerald, lived to he can even now feel enormously present.

We have known the stories: the legends and the truths that have shifted and grown and been burnished and chipped over the decades. Raised in a kind of American royal family, groomed for political life. The ascendant career, the dazzling bride, the podium eloquence, the troubles with Cuba, the stand against the Soviets, the drive for Civil Rights, the other women, the moon, the trip to Dallas in November of During his presidency and now in the long aftermath, the Kennedy contradictions have sharpened.

Ten words in, Kennedy invoked Abraham Lincoln.