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As awful as that period was, it was also a time when ordinary heroes rose to the occasion. The list is way too long to fully recount here, but they include the people who rushed into the danger with boats; those who welcomed evacuees to Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and points beyond despite strains on their own infrastructure and resources; and the many who tirelessly mucked out houses, offered hot meals, attended meetings and figured out how, in stops and starts, to put the pieces back together again.

We learned a lot from the ordeal, and those lessons have informed responses to subsequent extreme weather events.

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It was Katrina that highlighted the importance of pre-staging resources ahead of a forecast storm. And it was Katrina that at least started the process of improving federal rules governing things such as reimbursements for destroyed public facilities. One example is the long fight to change duplication of benefits rules that kept people affected by the floods in and around Baton Rouge from getting their fair share of federal aid. All these years later, Aug. Around the New Orleans area, the visible scars are fewer than they once were, even if the absence of friends and family members who never made it back still stings.

In this age of superstorms, the lessons of remain as relevant as ever. Edit Article Add New Article.

Steve Carell played Andy, an introverted man who had never had sex before.

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DNA Update: 14 Years Later!

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New Orleans still ‘a work in progress’ 14 years after Hurricane Katrina

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