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As well as planned site visits there will be plenty of time for independent exploration of the local area. Each day is planned in accordance with the weather and the wildlife present. Stefan knows the area well so there will always be plenty of options. Kari prepares the excellent healthy food menu which uses local organic produce wherever possible. Price, date and key facts about the trips. Stefan Taylor. - Hammarhaj

Stefan is an experienced naturalist who has worked in nature conservation with both the RSPB and National Trust, and is currently studying for a Masters degree in Applied Wildlife Conservation. He is half Swedish and spends as much time as possible at his small wooden cabin here. The lack of human noise pollution in the Black River valley has revived his early interest in audio recording of the natural environment.

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Stefan is responsible for the locations, guiding, admin and logistics for the trips and is your first port-of-call for any questions on practical matters as well as questions about the wildlife. Kari is a nature enthusiast and has been visiting Sweden for the past 7 years. She is a qualified Yoga teacher and recently retired from a career in journalism at The Times newspaper. This project gives her an opportunity to combine her love of nature, Sweden and cooking — being a keen amateur foodie and allotment gardener. As well as being in charge of the food Kari also offers individual yoga or mindfulness sessions to anyone who may be interested.

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